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Matthew Spina a Connecticut State Trooper Goes Nuts


Matthew Spina a Connecticut State Trooper needs to be fired and lose his pension.

Listen to this lunatic, LET ME GET MY PENSION

Most Police are employed by you the people to protect and serve you the people. Not to act like a stark raving lunatic. What kind of human being does this. This is why every citizen in Connecticut should have video cameras you just never know when you will come up against a cop that may kill you.

What is truly sad about this horrible person and Connecticut State Trooper, is that when it comes right down to it all he wants is his pension. That’s right he is so giddy with emotion he even says it out loud he has 14 months to go. This is another reason there is animosity towards police. They get to retire in only 20 years but are paid by people who have to work for 50 years, can you imagine that. Get rid of this cop before he hurts someone.