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Technology people have know what has been happening all along, cable TV, cell phones, Static IP addresses to you home, Googles total understanding of who you are and where you are. Its simple, the NSA, Snowden all outdated information.
I remember a few year ago you could take apart you cable box and you can find the connection to a CCD camera or the camera itself no doubt a government adder.
A smart TV is a computer not a TV, which is attached to your cable system at the connection before your cable data firewall so it has a static IP that can be hacked in about a second and if you work for the government most likely doesn’t have to be hacked because they have that info already. Your smart TV can be hacked and anyone in the world can watch you wherever a smart TV is located
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Snowden is now safe and secure in the belly of the beast! This is like a normal flip Snowden doesn’t want to face the legal system here and some sort of torture (which would never happen) he would just have to go thru the legal system the best of the best will represent him here and he’ll be fine. But now his action are furthering this manhunt, its warping into something sick and he will loose there is no way around this.
Once Russia has all they want or need from him and that can be a lot more than just the info he has. Once they have stripped everything from him they will expose him to being captured and that will be that. Who knows when, only the spy masters know.
I think he is a bit confused about Putin, Putin is Old School and even though he will be embraced and taken care of, don’t for fuck sake think that Putin respects him. Putin no doubt thinks he is a  RAT, that’s right just a RAT. And if your from the streets you know what happens to RATS.

Did WikiLeaks Sell Out Snowden To The Russians? Houston Chronicle

Is it just a coincidence that former NSA analyst Edward Snowden, a valuable intelligence asset, ended up in the hands of Russia’s security services?

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 Brad is not a Hero that is for sure! He worked for the military and that is all that needs to be said, it is insane to think that you can leak military secrets and all will be OK because of your idealistic (if you can call it that) sense of reality! 
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Is Snowden a Patriot or Hatetriot ??????
Some call him a Patriot most call him a Hatetriot. What do you think?
Its quite simple, a child would know that the NSA has been mining data. That being said,  Snowden’s tender age and warped sense of reality ex: Wikieaks, Brad Ass, and the like lead him down a terrible path.

If he is as tech smart as he seems to be claiming he could have leaked the info Anonymously if he has the skills he says he has, that is the smart move.
The hunt for Snowden, will be brutal and unforgiving, he is in a dark small box. I’m sure this dawned on him within a day. He is 100% alone, alone, alone, no one will help him no one will come to his rescue! His life or any life that he will have will be horrible.
Snowden is young and idealistic, but that doesn’t mean dick, and it does not excuse him, he knowingly took a job, to specifically steal government information and at very least stole the governments property thru a third party. The information is companies property and that is against the law, it is not his property and will never be his property and he will pay the price for this, not to mention all the charges the government will bring and there will be many.
Was so odd is that people of his Ilk, who are tech smart and who are typically the people who take free stuff like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter etc., seem so confused. Forget the government spying that is their job, What about private enterprise taking your info that is even more scary.

Read this article by the Independent, Google admits that is mining your email for information

What Snowden may not know and how could he at such a young age is that in 2001 the NSA tried to secure info from all the telecom companies all complied except for one and that was QWEST communications. The former CEO of Quest is now in jail on unrelated charges(right).
Excerpt from Wilkipedia

Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio, convicted of insider trading in April 2007, alleged in appeal documents that the NSA requested that Qwest participate in its wiretapping program more than six months before September 11, 2001. Nacchio recalls the meeting as occurring on February 27, 2001. Nacchio further claims that the NSA cancelled a lucrative contract with Qwest as a result of Qwest’s refusal to participate in the wiretapping program.[13] Nacchio surrendered April 14, 2009 to a federal prison camp in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania to begin serving a six-year sentence for the insider trading conviction. The United States Supreme Court denied bail pending appeal the same day.